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Some more unscheduled downtime for parts of the site- the "60 days domain expiry" notice came in 3 days before, and I don't check that address all that often anymore. Oops. Also:

Dear Forum Software,
Please stop deciding to inexplicably screw with the settings file in new and inventive ways, I really don't appreciate it. How you decided to unescape characters to make them unsafe and therefore break the impress me with your ingenuity to break. However, I don't really appreciate it. Kiss kiss, love love, bye bye.

Note to self: find more time in the day to be able to keep an eye on these things. Busy-ness means such items take a back seat.

Another "bad webmistress, no cookie" was getting my site shut down for bandwidth overages last month. Some site decided to hammer the fairies. And by hammer, I mean quadruple the bandwidth usage in half the time. Now I know lots of people want their sites to get more traffic, and work on ways to build it and get more people to pay attention- but me, I'd rather stay reasonably unnoticed, because all the traffic does is cause me headaches. Either I let the site stay down till the next month, or I pay through the nose for bandwidth overages- right now the former is the more appealing, sorry. Someday, if I ever actually implement a way for this thing to make money, I might even want the traffic- but as it is, no reason. Truth be told, worries about going over my limit have made me drag my feet on adding new things to the site.

For now, things have been shuffled to make things work without taking anything down- I hope. This month may run out still, they didn't link to the page I thought they would have, and my stat tracking somehow was disabled so I didn't have the information to check- so 30% of my bandwidth has already been used up in a 6 day period (I told you when they hit, they hit hard- and my host even does allow a pretty decent amount of traffic).


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