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Some people find my site navigation confusing. So I'm here to give you the lowdow on what all you can find here, at least for the most part. This also gives you more of an idea of what is really mine, since I am horribly incestuous with linkage.

Pictures is where I keep the pictures of me, taken by the very talented Erica Kurokawa and Lore.
My journal is rather self explanatory. I've finally fallen prey to the whole weblog/journal thing. This is often pretty dull, but occasionally I go nuts with the digital camera, post rants upon all sorts of random topics, and previews of things that will eventually show up somewhere here, but not yet (right now there are a few things that will go in the gallery that are there until I am ready to put them where they belong).
Convergences are the annual gatherings of net.goths, held in different cities. I was at C7 in New York, in the summer of 2001, and C9 in Las Vegas, in the spring of 2003. My journal, pictures, memories, and such reside here.
Wishlists is where you can go if you want to buy me things. Because I want them, but I can't buy them for myself right now. Or won't, because they're frivolous (note: there are not a lot of books on the Amazon list- that's because books are a necessity, not a luxury).
Fairy Paper Dolls are a monthly project. In theory at least, I've been a bit behind. But you can dress them up right here on the web, and more are coming soon.
Dolls are like the fairy ones- but not fairies, just normal paper dolls, also in dress-up shockwave and javascript apps.
The Fear Project is an online collaboration illustrating phobias. What do you fear?
Week will tell what what day of the week you were born on, and what child you are
This links section is a much pared down version, only with people I know. Many many more links of all the spiffy places I like to go can be found if you head over to Tasha. I also keep banners there if you want to use one.
Your own email, you can get it here, and you can check it too. So you too can be cool like that.

Other sites

Tasha's Lair is the second site I built. Its my cute goff ego site, with drawings. There is an antiquated meet me and my friends section, that is currently down since I need to add people. It has ecards for you to send to people with my drawings, and a gallery of them as well. Random rantings live there too, with the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac style guestbook, and a much more comprehesive links section divided up into sections than I have here. The most important bit tho are the eyes, the online compilation of gothic eyeliner. Send in your own!

Del's Page is the first page I ever made. Its full of webdesigning don't- intentionally. It is, after all, a page for Del. If you think navigation here is bad, go there, and you'll appreciate this more. Of the spooky hidden things of special note are the gallery and the doll, but there is other stuff too.

The Realm of the Dark KiSS is where I keep my KiSS dolls. You might have come here for that, they get me a lot of traffic. If you don't know what KiSS is, at its simplest its paper dolls for your computer- but its much more, and a lot aren't dolls. Interaction and animation and artwork, and, well, you might find it fun.

Eden Designs is my web design company. You can hire me to do stuff for you!

There is other stuff hiding away in nooks and crannies. If I gave away all my secrets where would be the fun?

Tasha's Lair

Delirium's Page

The Dark KiSS

Eden Designs