vamp chickWhen Gothic Eyes Are Moping

This has actually become something of a resource, which was not the original intent, at first I just started it because I was bored and in a rut with my own eye makeup. But it actually become somewhat popular, so I decided I had to do something in the way of organization for it (after all, now that I have my own domain for the page, I might as well work toward fixing it up), especially since it has grown so much, and become the most often updated area of the site.

If you hadn't already guessed- this place is graphics intensive. Wait for the pages to load.

These are not here to be copied- these are here to inspire. Copying somebody else's eyes is no fun at all, instead take what you like about it and make it yours.

I depend on the kindness of strangers, for submissions, and for people to find this place. If you like it, please link to, either with a text link or one of these:

a flowers for the dead production